This page contains the set of freeware and shareware Perl CGI Scripts, which can help webmasters to develop web sites more effective and save their time. By using this code you agree to indemnify UtilMind Solutions™ from any liability that might arise from it's use. Selling the source code without prior written consent is expressly forbidden. Obtain permission before redistributing this software over the Internet or in any other medium. In all cases, copyright and header (in sources) must remain intact.

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Programming Republic of Perl
Freeware and Shareware Perl CGI Scripts
  Active Board              

Hot Stuff !!!

The ActiveBoard is a powerful, multi-threaded, easy to use, easy to navigate and fully customizable message board system. It will provide you with the most flexible, selectible, and reliable discussion area for a reasonable fee. It can quickly add interactive message boards to any web site.

License: Commercial
Last updated: July 22, 1999
Download: ActiveBoard script
  Contact Form              
This script sends result of filled contact form via E-mail. Not too universal and does only that is necessary - takes entered field of the form and sends them via e-mail with the IP and remote host information of contact person (also keeps the sent letters in the simple textual archive). JavaScript optimized.

License: Freeware
Last updated: September 11, 1998
Download: Contact Form script

  Country Redirection              
Country/Language Redirection script allow your website to redirect visitors to different pages by country or by user's language. Country determinates by visitor's remote host (ISP) and language by OS and browser preffered settings. Country/Language Redirection is the entrance for your website for automatical selection of the most suitable language.

License: Commercial
Last updated: May 24, 2000
Download: Country/Language Redirection script

  Download Counter              
The simple text-based counter for calculation of file downloads and transitions to other pages. The package contains two scripts. First (load.cgi) is intended for the calculation of downloads and then saving the information in a simple textual database. The second script (showload.cgi) displays all of this information.

License: Shareware
Last updated: September 5, 1999
Download: Download Counter script

  Last Modified              
This script works as "simple server side include" (SSI) and show the date and/or time when HTML document was last updated.

License: Freeware
Last updated: January 24, 2000
Download: Last Modified script

  Mailing List & News              
Mailing List & News is a simple mailing list manager system with ability to send mass emails to subscribers. The basic advantages of this script is that at subscribe or unsubscribe, the user remains on the same page on which there was registration. He does not leave the registration page and sees only JavaScript confirmation message.

License: Freeware
Last updated: November 4, 2000
Download: Mailing List & News script

  Site News              
Site News is a powerful, handy, multi-user, easy to use and maximum customizable script intended for adding and editing of latest news on a web site.

On usual corporate site with the never ending streams of news are works two teams - news suppliers and news editors. This script too have two operation modes: first - adding of the news and second - editing of the latest news. For each of these modes is intended the password, defined in the script's body.

License: Shareware
Last updated: July 30, 1999
Download: Site News script

  Virtual Hosting              
If you have several acounts with domain or subdomain names to one IP and accounts divided on different directories - this script for you. It will allow access to necessary directory and show only domain name in address string of browsers.

License: Shareware
Last updated: April 6, 1999
Download: Virtual Hosting script

  Visitor Counter              

The handy and very simple text-based counter for intended calculating the number of visitors to a page. One script (counter.cgi) can be applied to many pages of site. The information on visits is kept in a simple textual database.

License: Freeware
Last updated: April 6, 1999
Download: Visitor Counter script

  Web Thief              

Hot Stuff !!!

Extremely easy to use Perl CGI script for Unix intended for grabbing files and pages from World Wide Web via HTTP protocol. The WebThief works with httpget.lib library, which supplyed with this package.
To receive data from the web, you shold specify just usual url address of file or web page.

License: Commercial
Last updated: August 12, 1999
Download: Web Thief script

Freeware programs for Perl programmers (for Windows 95/98/NT4/2k)
UFC-Crypter This tiny program (UltraFastCrypt) encrypt the string by using the one way DES algorythm which used for password protecting of the web directories, useful for checking the password file for lousy passwords, amongst other things.
Just handy tool for one way encryption like $result = crypt($word, $selt) which can be used to generate encrypted passwords for .htpasswd file (in password protected directories).

License: Freeware
Last updated: September 29, 1999
Download: UFC-Crypter.exe (106 Kb)

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