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Hot Stuff !!! Welcome to ActiveBoard page! The ActiveBoard is a powerful, multi-threaded, easy to use, easy to navigate and fully customizable message board system. It will provide you with the most flexible, selectible, and reliable discussion area for a reasonable fee of $19+ (USD). It can quickly add interactive message boards to any web site.

List of some features of the ActiveBoard:

The ActiveBoard style can be is easily customized due to custom HTML-patterns! - just create your custom page and specify <!--board--> include!
All advertising code you can also insert into a HTML page of a pattern!
All messages are stored in one database file!
You don't need to have SSI permission - the whole board and its sections are displayed from one *.cgi file.
ActiveBoard will show text as http:// or ftp:// in the real hyperlinks.
Easy to translate to any other language (all messages in script are customizeble!).
You can choose custom font names, colors, styles or even colors and styles of buttons and text areas.
By using html tags, ActiveBoard will show them as plain text (like: <b>bold</b>).
If the user has not entered his name, it will be shown as 'Cowardly Anonymous' (or any other specified in a script's body).
ActiveBoard is easy to moderate, and there is the opportunity of the multi-user administration.
Opportunity of banning the specified IP's of spamers and infringers (Including banning by a pattern as 123.123.123.*).
For security purposes, near a user name will displayed his IP-address.
ActiveBoard is JavaScript optimized and year 2000 compliant.
...and much more!...

Maybe you've already seen this board in action in our support areas.
In case if you would like just to see this board in action and test its various features, please enter to ActiveBoard Demo Area.

  • Personal, academic, goverment and non-profit use: $19.95 (US) - Order online
  • Commercial license: $98 (US) - Order online
  • If you would like us to install script for you - $25 (US) - Contact us for details
  • Once you register the ActiveBoard, you can upgrade it at no cost forever!
  • If you do not want to pay online or any other concerns you may have, please contact us.
Requirements: Unix or Windows, CGI permission with Perl5, no SSI !

Download (For registered users only! - Password protected)

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