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Hot Stuff !!! Country/Language Redirection script allow website to redirect visitor to different pages by country and/or by user's language. Country determinates by visitor's remote host (ISP) and language by OS and browser preffered settings. Country/Language Redirection is script for website Entrance which will automatically choose the most suitable language. This script is extremaly easy to install and set up, friendly administration interface.

How does it works ?
For example, your website has three different languages - English, German and French. When visitor log your site, this script will determinate user ISP (or primary language) and automatically redirect user to needed, localized contents.

  1. If visitor's ISP is French but primary language is German then script will redirect visitor to German page.
  2. If visitor's ISP is ANY (US/UK/French/German/Unknown) but primary language is French then user will redirected to French content.
  3. If visitor's ISP is German but primary language is English then he'll redirected to German page.
  4. If visitor's ISP is NOT French and NOT German and primary language is NOT French or German then, sure, user will redirected to English content...

If you'd like to see the Administration/Test page, please Click Here.

  • Personal, academic, goverment and non-profit use: $79 (US) - Order online
  • Commercial license: $199 (US) - Order online
  • FREE installation! (if you wish)
  • Once you register the Country/Lanuage Redirection script, you can upgrade it at no cost forever!
  • If you don't want to pay online or any other concerns you may have, please contact us.
Requirements: Unix or Windows, CGI permission with Perl5, no SSI !
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