Contact Form v1.0              
This script posts result of filled contact form. Not too universal but does only that is necessary - takes entered field of the form and sends them via e-mail with the IP and remote host information of contact person (also keeps the sent letters in the simple text-archive). JavaScript optimized.

You can overview contact form in our contact page, but... please, do not post anything without necessity. If you liked this script - download it and enjoy. ;-)
ContactForm script are presented in .zip archive as is on this site, without changes. You should change contact.html page for you own site.

Install instruction:
1. Copy contact.cgi file onto your cgi-bin directory and change its attributes to executable (chmod 755, (or "rw-rw-rw-")).
2. Change your own countact form as you wish and specify correct path to contact.cgi script in <form action="cgi-bin/contact.cgi" ...> tag.
3. If you have problems, go to Perl CGI Help message board.

License: Freeware
Last updated: September 11, 1999
Requirements: Unix or Windows, CGI permission with Perl5
Download: (5 Kb)

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