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Download Counter is the simple text-based counter intended for calculation of file downloads and/or transitions to other pages. The package contains two scripts. First (load.cgi) is intended for the calculation of downloads and then saving the information in a simple textual database. The second script (showload.cgi) displays all of this information.

The whole pages of this site used this script for calculation of downloads. For example, this script has been downloaded 19742 times since February 1999.
Two most downloaded files on this web site:

  • scripts/download/downloadcounter.zip - 19742 downloads and
  • software/htmlcomp.exe - 7002 downloads
Total downloads at this web site: 84592

How to use ?
Just change your download link like follows:
<a href="cgi-bin/load.cgi?dir/file.zip">Link</a> and script will count up amount of downloads.
To show this amount, you can use the following server side include:
<!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/showload.cgi?dir/file.zip" -->
To show the most downloaded files from SSI use the next include:
<!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/showload.cgi?+num" -->
, where num is the decimal number of the string of the database sorted by rating. ?+0 is the most popular file.

When visitors download files or click on links, script will increase statistic in simple textual-database file.

Install instruction:
1. Copy load.cgi, showload.cgi and download.txt onto your cgi-bin directory.
2. Change attributes of .cgi files to executable (chmod 755).
3. Change attributes of database file (download.txt) to 'read/write' (chmod 666).
4. Change your download links as described in 'How to use' instruction.
5. Enjoy! :-) or... if you have problems, go to Perl CGI Help message board.

License: Shareware
Cost of script: $9 (US) Register Now!
Last updated: May 9, 1999
Requirements: Unix or Windows, CGI permission with Perl5, SSI
Download: downloadcounter.zip (5 Kb)

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