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Mailing List & News is a simple mailing list manager system with ability to send of mass newsletters to subscribers. The basic advantages of this script is that at subscribe or unsubscribe, the user remains on the same page on which there was registration. He does not leave the registration page and sees only JavaScript confirmation message.


The entered address will not be used for any purposes and will not be brought into any mailing list.

But if you really would like to receive UtilMind newsletters, please subscribe in the form on our main page.

Mailing list - Demo

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Install instructions:
1. Make necessary changes in variables in the body of script in conformity with the commented instructions.
2. Copy maillist.cgi and maillist.txt onto your cgi-bin directory.
3. Change attributes of .cgi file to executable (chmod 755).
4. Change attributes of database file to 'read/write' (chmod 666).
5. Install subscribe/unsubscribe form from mailform.html file (blankframe.html used by this form too and must be in the same directory that subscribe/unsubscribe page).
6. Install login page (or form) to anywhere, but specify correct path to maillist.cgi file.

If you have any problems during the setup, please visit the Perl CGI Help message board.

License: Freeware
Last updated: November 4, 2000
Requirements: Unix only (does not works on Windows-based machines), CGI permission
Download: (5 Kb)

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