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Site News is a handy, multi-user, easy to use and maximum customizable script intended for adding and editing of latest news on a web site.

On usual corporate site with the never ending streams of news, usually works two teams - news suppliers and news editors. This script too have two operation modes: first - adding of the news and second - editing of the latest news. For each of these modes is intended the password, defined in the script's body.

Site News Demonstration page.

How to use ?

  • How to add news ?
    • In the addnews.html page (contained in .zip archive) is shown an example of the form for adding of the news. After filling and posting this form, in news archive will be added the entered news.
  • How to show the latest news ?
    • To show the latest news you should specify on the news page following Server Side Include (SSI):
      <!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/sitenews.cgi?[NUM]" -->
      where [NUM] (positive integer value) is amount of displayed records from archive.
      For example, to display the last five records, you should specify following SSI:
      <!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/sitenews.cgi?5" -->
  • How to edit news ?
    • Simply type the following url in address line of your browser:

Install instruction:
1. Make necessary changes in variables in the script's body in conformity with the commented instructions.
2. Copy sitenews.cgi and archive.html files onto your cgi-bin directory.
3. Change attributes of .cgi file to executable (chmod 755).
4. Change attributes of database file (archive.html) to
'read/write' (chmod 666).
5. Upload the addnews.html page to anywhere and specify the correct
path to sitenews.cgi in the form.

License: Shareware
Cost of script: $15 (US) Register Now!
Last updated: May 9, 1999
Requirements: Unix or Windows, CGI permission with Perl5, SSI
Download: (7 Kb)

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