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Virtual Hosting is the simple, handy and easy to install URL redirection script. Virtual Hosting allows webmasters to have more than one domain name per IP address. This script can be applied also as domain redirection service such as www.cjb.net, www.xrs.net or www.da.ru.

How does it work ?
Virtual Hosting script hooks the domain which visitor type in address line of his browser, creates the frame with 100% window size and get source of this frame from ANY web page.

For example, we have one server account with one IP address only, and three domain names. For example (not actually), IP =, and domain names = www.utilmind.com, www.utilmind.net and www.utilmind.org).

To divide one account to three various (let's say - COM, NET and ORG), we have to create two additional directories in the root of our acoount (www): www/net (for NET), www/org. This means that real directories for each sub-account will be:

Let's say, VirtualHosting script installed to our www/ (public_html) directory, as index.cgi file. When visitor surf these sites (utilmind.com, utilmind.net or utilmind.org), he will appeared on subdirectories, but the real url will hidden and show only a domain name).

The most common problem is impossibility to run CGI scripts outside of CGI-BIN directory. In this case just create .htaccess file in your /www directory with single line (or add this line to your existing .htaccess):
     DirectoryIndex /cgi-bin/index.cgi
Note: you should point exact path to this script.

License: Shareware
Cost of script: $15 (US) Register Now!
Last updated: May 9, 1999
Requirements: Unix or Windows, CGI permission with Perl
Download: virtualhosting.zip (2 Kb)

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