Visitor Counter v2.5              
The handy and very simple text-based counter for intended calculating the number of visitors to a page. One script (counter.cgi) can be applied to many pages of site. The information on visits is kept in a simple textual database.

This page was visited: times since July 28, 1999.

How to use ?
Just add the following server side include onto any of your pages, on which you would like to calculate the traffic statistics <!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/counter.cgi" -->
Very simple, isn't ? ;-)

Install instruction:
1. Copy counter.cgi and counter.txt files onto your cgi-bin directory.
2. Set attributes to counter.cgi file as executable (chmod 755).
3. Set attributes to counter.txt file as 'read-write' (chmod 666).

Support: Perl CGI Help message board.

License: Freeware
Last updated: July 26, 1999
Requirements: Unix or Windows, CGI permission with Perl5, SSI
Download: - 1 Kb

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