Web Thief v1.01              
WebThief is an extremely easy to use script intended for grabbing files and pages from World Wide Web via HTTP protocol. The WebThief works with httpget.lib library, which supplyed with this package.
To receive data from the web, you should specify just usual url address of file or web page.

Which routines provide httpget.lib library ?

  1. ($head, $body) = &HTTP_GET('www.domain.com/dir/file.ext') - This routine receives file being on url address in web via HTTP protocol. After receiving, this routine will divide received data to header and body.
  2. $header = &HTTP_GET_HEADER('www.domain.com/dir/file.ext') - This routine receives the header of data being on url address in web via HTTP protocol.
  3. ...

Unfortunately, now we can't provide the full demonstration of this script. At testing, some users may transfer too large files that would result in significant deterioration of the server speed and waste bandwidth.

But... It is quite natural, that before purchasing of this software, you wants to completely test it. We have the demonstration area for this script so, if you wish to test it, please feel free to contact us and you will see this script in action.

  • Personal, academic, goverment and non-profit use: $25 (US) - Order online
  • Commercial license: $69 (US) - Order online
  • If you want that we create the full valued product based on httpget.lib library - in will cost much more - please contact us for details.
  • Once you register the Web Thief, you can upgrade it at no cost forever!
  • If you do not want to pay online or any other concerns you may have, please contact us.
Requirements: Unix, CGI permission with Perl5
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