Windows 9x/NT4/2k Software

This page contains the set of freeware and shareware Software Tools for Microsoft® Windows. All this stuff written in Borland Delphi. By using this programs you agree to indemnify UtilMind Solutions™ from any liability that might arise from it's use. Selling this software of their source code without prior written consent is expressly forbidden. All our Freeware tools can be used and distributed freely but without support.
Once you register our Shareware products, they can be upgraded at no cost forever!

Shareware programs
  HTML Compressor              
HTML Compressor Tool This very small shareware program is indended for compressing of HTML files, resulting in shorter downloading time. Your pages will appear in exactly the same way in your browser, but they will be about 20-25% smaller. Compressor removes all information used for editing in the HTML file. This information is unneeded for viewing the HTML file but is simply used to make its editing a lot easier.
This program - console application. With its help you can compress separate files or file groups, specified in a .bat file.

Status: Shareware
Last updated: August 4, 1999
Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT4/2k
Download: HTML Compressor page

Freeware Utilities
  Internet Timer              
Internet Timer Program intended for calculation of amount of time, spent in a network and producing the simple report about connections.

Status: Freeware with sources
Download: Internet Timer page

  Resource Meter              
Resource Meter Program determines the amount of the System, GDI and USER resources, acessible at the current moment. Work and indicate same like the standard Resource Meter, but refreshes data much faster (once at 50 msecs) and always stays in the foreground. Highly useful for programers who uses WinAPI.

Status: Freeware
Download: Resource Meter page

  Numb. Convertor              
Numeric Convertor Simple program-calculator for transformation frequently used numerical formats.

Status: Freeware with sources
Download: Numeric Convertor page

This tiny program, useful for Perl programmers (UltraFastCrypt) encrypt the string by using the one way DES algorythm which used for password protecting of the web directories, useful for checking the password file for lousy passwords, amongst other things.
Just handy tool for one way encryption like $result = crypt($word, $selt).

License: Freeware
Last updated: September 29, 1999
Download: UFC-Crypter.exe (106 Kb)

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