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  Welcome !              
Welcome to the Internet Timer homepage. Internet Timer - program for calculation of time, spent in a network and producing the simple report about connections.
  What for it is necessary ?              
  • You will be precisely know amount of time which you spend in a network.
  • The program will remind to you about excess of the established time limit.
  • Now you not will be confused with the accounts yours providers for hourly connection.
  How does it work ?              
  • Internet Timer always loaded in the memory, being displayed as small icon near by clock (System Tray), and at detection of the entering in a network begins to count up the current and total time of connection with conducting a log-file.
  • The information can appear incomplete if you close the program during a connect session.
  Requirements ?              
  • Windows 95/98/2k or Windows NT4
  • No run-time libraries or anything anymore
  Knowing problems ?              

Does not works propertly on computers connected to LAN by Ethernet.


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