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Welcome to the UtilMind Solutions website!
We are focused on development of the high quality software (for Windows, Linux, Psion)
Web/WAP-based applications and business solutions, freeware/shareware/custom RAD
components for Borland Delphi/C++Builder.

Latest News
March 10, 2001 - Huge update and two component libraries
We finally done our new website for distribution of all our Delphi-related stuff — AppControls.com (as its main product, AppControls pack).

At the same time we anouncing two big component libraries — AppControls pack (“Advanced Application Controls”) and Disk Controls, both result of four year experience in win32 software design and component development.

The AppControls pack contains 27+ components which increases abilities of the win32 applications and Delphi forms (see components overview) and Disk Controls, set of 13+ components which can make your life much easier if you developing software that works with disks (Hard / Floppy / CD / RAM / Network), shell and file system (see components overview).

Our shareware components already moved to the AppControls.com, please check out https://www.appcontrols.com/components.html. Freeware stuff will be moved too, as soon as we done some updates.

The Utilmind.com website will be used for destribution of the end-user software only, after total redesign.
July 24, 2000
Delphi section:
    We anouncing new Delphi/BCB component Animated Form Effect, which will add extremely cool effects to your Delphi / C++ Builder forms. When your forms is about open or hide, component will draw animated frames, based on mathematical Matrixes.
Current available effects: Spin, Vortex, ScatterGather, Spike, Fireworks.
June 13, 2000
Delphi section:
    Added DiskScanner component, powerful multi-threaded search engine intended for searching the drives and folders for files and/or directories. To find files, just point the starting folder, wildcarded searching mask, preferred file attributes, size/time range (if necessary) - and DiskScanner will lightning-fast return matches by specified criteria. Besides file names and sizes it can return the file type, date of last modification and file icons (32x32 and 16x16, icons for hidden and system files is automatically grayed). DiskScanner give you full power of built-in Windows searching utility.
    Updated DiskInfo - small freeware component that deteminates information about specified local or a network drive.
    Updated FileStorage component. With FileStorage your big applications may be built as just single executable!
    Updated umEdit controls pack - added IPEdit component - 100% native Delphi component for edition of the IP addresses (looks and feels like COM control from IE4, but works without any external DLL).
    Updated HTTPGet component, fixed bug on getting the plain text from the Web.
    Updated ShellExtension, intended for determination of the information associated with file extensions (its executable application, icons, description) and/or for installing/uninstalling of the file extensions to the OS.
    Updated KeySpy - added french keyboard layout (thanks to Thraxivae).
    * krpRegions Library now distributed by ABFSoftware

Coming Soon!
  1. Auto-Upgrader v3.0 with more great features! If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Auto-Upgrader component, feel free drop us a few lines. All propositions will reviewed and we'll add them in new release! Remember that all registered users of our shareware may upgrade it free of charge forever, independently of new cost.
  2. UtilMind Components Library! Subscribe our mailing list to be notified when complete VCL will released!
  3. Restructurisation of the site sections.
May 29, 2000
Delphi section:
    Added TreeComboBox component, symbiosis of TreeView and ComboBox, standard Delphi components. TreeComboBox allow programmers show and organize treelike structure in usual ComboBox
    Updated HTTPGet component. Added caching features and fixed POSTing the data to CGI.

Perl section:
    Added Country/Language Redirection script which allow website to redirect visitor to different pages by country and/or by user's language. Country determinates by visitor's remote host (ISP) and language by OS and browser preffered settings. Country/Language Redirection is script for website Entrance which will automatically choose the most suitable language.
March 12, 2000
Delphi section:
    Improved FileStorage component (v2.0), which capable to "upload" files onto your Delphi form. You can use this component to supply your customers just one single executable file. All another additional files (DLLs, WAVs, HLPs etc) can be stored in FileStorage components and extracted from your executable file in any time. (Note: Highly recommended for all Auto-Upgrader users)
    Added Fast ShellLink component that make installation of the shell links of your programs and files fast and easily. FastShellLink alow automatic installation of the shell links to Desktop, System Menu, Programs Menu, Startup Menu and My Documents shell folders. (Note: old ShellLink renamed to URLLink)
Perl section:
    Added LastModified, simple script intended for displaying the date and time when your HTML document was uploaded or updated.
January 19, 2000
Delphi section:
    Updated Auto-Upgrader component. Since version 2.0, users (or developer) may find out how many times their software was upgraded, so you will exactly know how many regular customers you have. ;-) Some features was rebuilt, added new event.
January 15, 2000
Delphi section:
    Updated Auto-Upgrader, and HTTPGet components. In both components has restructed some events and done cosmetic bugfixes (synchronization with other win32 threads).
    Updated DiskInfo component (optimization for Delphi 5).
    Added Russian Code Tables unit (in "samples" section). Unit provides several functions for the text convertions of three major russian code tables.
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